Concrete gas station

All varieties with trass!

Dispense even the smallest amount of concrete yourself with the concrete filling station at Fassbender Tenten!

Do you need a small amount of concrete or screed? No problem! We have the 8 most common types of concrete/screed that you can tap yourself!

The principle of the concrete filling station from Fassbender Tenten is very simple:

You buy the desired quantity and type at our sales counter. There you will receive a magnetic stripe card with which the concrete filling station will be put into operation after your vehicle/trailer or vessel has been correctly positioned. The appropriate type of concrete is mixed in the mixing module of the plant and then transported to you with the help of the conveyor belt. Suitable types of concrete in the consistency range KS (semi-moist to dry) are available in any quantity from 0.25m³ to 2m³ for the application areas of screed construction, paving work, path construction, etc. The concrete is suitable for the processing of unreinforced components. The processing time after tapping is between 1-3 hours, depending on the type of concrete.

Our concrete filling stations are available to you in the following branches and times:

Please understand that the concrete filling station cannot be used during the winter months when there is frost. In this case, of course, you still have the option of purchasing concrete bags to mix yourself. Contact us!
It works that easy: